Artificial Intelligence Technologies Multipurpose


AITEM solutions is an innovative startup born in Turin in 2020 from the experience of Punch Group. It aims to develop solutions based on artificial intelligence and provide data analytics services.

This Is How We Can Help You


Automate slow diagnosis processes and help doctors in difficult situations


Find solutions to improve the quality of industry production


Use state-of-the-art systems to evaluate your analyzes

Human resources

Emulate human cognition in the interpretation of complicated data

Engineering services

Explore advanced technologies to speed up company services

Our latest products

AI For Medicine

Development of an automatic tool for the prioritization of COVID-19 diagnostic workflow in the emergency department by analyzing chest X-rays (CXRs)

AI For Veterinary

Laika is a digital service designed for veterinary clinics which allows an interpretation of the carried out laboratory analyzes and a forecast of diagnosis by integrating an AI system developed on the basis of over 100 pathologies
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